One day while watching Eric Ho YouTube Chanel, I had a chance to know Sadhguru ( A Yogi, Mystic, Visionary) and started to watch his videos. There is so much wisdom in crystal clear explanation through his calm voice. He lights up an interesting perspective about Yoga that I used to feel cloudy.  His approach is […]

My Grandma’s Birthday this year was celebrated in the US with many relatives surround, I think she would have been very happy. I made flan yesterday on her birthday here in Vietnam, as my own way to celebrate since she taught me this recipe. It always turns out really nice, not too sweet and super […]

This is the post I suppose to write in October, 2015 but there were so many things happened since then, the feeling was pushed back and I need to save it a side when I really have time to calm my mind and tune into the feeling again. Ok, memories please come back to me 🙂 28 […]

Sunday Morning is a great time for music, tea and fresh air. Might the below track be played next to your cup of tea / coffee. I hope whoever you are reading this post have a wonderful weekend. Do save yourself a little space looking inward, breathing in … breathing out, and smile. An~

Our family member (which we dearly call as ” vú” means “baby sitter”) loves eating and growing herbs much as we do but we mostly buy in the market. Recent months, she has planted more on our rooftop, which used to have some flower pots, and turn it into a rooftop garden full of herbs and vegetable. This […]

  Fran is the illustrator I currently obsessed with in almost any details of her piece: colors, line art, composition, perspectives, handwriting. She has Blog, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Etsy Shop, and I know her through Essie (previously Essie Button, now she changes to Estee Lalonde) – so you can emerge with her style in many social media […]